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Crash 03:42
The Crash Those were the days before the crash Before it all came down Those were days when I was flash My feet never touched the ground I was a force to be reckoned with Dealing in hurt and pain I was the judge and jury In the days before the change I wasn’t thinking when I ran Just had to get away Now i’m hiding anywhere I can To live another day I’ll be a force to be reckoned with I’ll be your man I’ll be your good cop, bad cop Winning any way I can There was a time before the fall Before it slipped away When I just couldn’t see an end When it was fun to play I was the king of my castle It was insane I was on top of my world Things will never be the same
Five Minutes Of Fame Hide your face Turn away Give the press Something to say Make a move Turn them on 4 Million likes Cannot be wrong (I’ve got something to say, give me five minutes of fame) STOP! Don’t waste a minute of your time TIME! Will wait for no one WAIT! For people standing in a line TRUE! Its just a waste of time SMILE! The camera’s rolling all the time SHAME! They caught you out again HOW! Do they know where I’m gonna be POSE! Lets make the most of it
Excite Me I was much younger Full of bravado, so naive And she teased She was incredible Full of the life I longed to lead And she teased Calling and falling you don’t understand Aching with longing the touch of your hand Excites me, ignites me Excites me, ignites me It was in summer Hot sticky nights and endless days We played Heat of your body Long nights of passion left me dazed And we played You were hypnotic A fire behind your eyes that burned I learned We played the long game I was no good at taking turns But I learned
Boa Bap 03:45
Boa Bap He’s like a mountain Larger than life He’s in the lost and found He’s got this city In the palm of his hand Lost on the underground Its gonna be alright now baby Its gonna be ok Because you found, Cos you found me on the underground I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing I believe in nothing
Clarity 03:30
Clarity White lights, bright lights The glitter of gold Sunlight on water Is soothing my soul White lies, open eyes Just let me come near This vision is so pure The memory so clear Honestly I don’t need more of your sympathy Sympathy only takes more of me I need a moment of clarity Honestly Don’t hold my hand like you pity me Pity just brings out the worst in me Give me a moment of honesty Hold tight, don’t fight Just enjoy the ride Give into the feeling That’s growing inside
Eggshells 04:31
Eggshells Tonight, Everything’s broken and torn Walking in circles again How could it go so wrong We fight, Shouting and calling names I’m in the doghouse alone Walking on eggshells again Walking on eggshells I’m tired Cold and misunderstood You try to turn away Just as I knew you would It’s time Time to stop playing games Hiding the truth with lies Over and over again Over and over So tired of feeling to blame No breath for fighting this time Walking on eggshells again I’ve tried Biting my tongue for hours I’m in the firing line Not for the first time Its hard When focus won’t come into view Hoping that something will change Walking this tightrope with you Walking a tightrope So tired, No breath So tired, No breath So tired, No breath
Downtown Bar 03:20
Downtown Bar I thought we had so much, So much to give away But the lights keeping shining in my eyes, I can’t tear myself away So here we are Nightclub, downtown bar A passing taxi hails your call Your gaze falls from me Headlight shadows sweep the wall So here am I Rainclouds pass on by Its my name they love and that’s no crime With folded arms you sit there Glancing swiftly, song and rhyme So here we are, Vaguely sensing something far What i’m shouting I can’t say I’ll call you some day Conversation slips away
Remind Us How To Fly If I start counting to ten Then open my eyes again Will I still remember you Or the ghost of you We have no more leaves to turn And no more bridge to burn You’re drifting out of here Driven by the years And i’ve seen this storm before Better let it roll on past Incredibly strange Seductively beautiful But not meant to last And i’ve seen that look before Better let it pass me by Its always the quiet ones Remind us how to fly If we start over again Pretend it was all a dream Would things still be the same Drive us both insane You can’t even crack a smile Yet you’ve lived a thousand lives Forgot all our yesterdays As we fade away
Chikky Chikky Why do you look at me that way Is it because of my marvelous machine? Climb aboard Feel the curves I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire Why don’t you close the door Oh yeah! I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire Climb aboard my marvelous machine It’s a ride like no other Chikky Chikky I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire I’m on fire
Endless Sea 03:58
Endless Sea I’m facing east Watching as the sun rises The first rays hit me in the face like a sucker-punch Warming Energising Making me whole I’m surrounded by whispers Words I can never make out Someone I can’t quite see I can feel their touch Icy fingers up and down my spine Like they sense me, but can’t touch me Ghosts of ages past and futures yet to be Another dimension just out of reach Across and endless sea Why can’t you take me home? Why won’t you help me?
FNNK 03:45
FNNK (Instrumental) FNNK Tuned into static. But, are we alone? FNNK Tuned into static. But, are we alone? FNNK Are you ready Are you ready Are you ready to energize. FNNK Tuned into static. But, are we alone? FNNK FNNK Samples from “Teenagers From Outer Space” 1959


Hot on the heals of their delayed debut album ‘Neon Highway’ (36 years too late, but whose counting?) Martin, Mark and Stephen present their new album Crash.

Featuring Steve Whitmore on guitar and with Holly and Lucy once again on backing vocals it’s the culmination of another year of remote working from their home studios.

With new ideas being swapped back and forth over the last twelve months, its sound channels their formative musical influences of the 1980s with a modern twist.

A move forward into the bigger, brighter and (possibly) brasher sounds of that decade it’s as if their DeLorean once again malfunctioned – this time parking them conveniently outside Trevor Horn’s studio circa 1982…


released December 1, 2021

Synths, Bass, Guitars, Vocoder, Programming - Martin West
Vocals, Keyboards, Synths, Guitars - Mark Duggan
Drum Programming & FX - Stephen Shillito
Vocals & Voices - Lucy & Holly Duggan
Additional Guitars - Steve Whitmore

Music & Lyrics - Martin & Mark
Mixing & Mastering - Martin
Recorded November 2020 - September 2021
New York / Herne Bay / Catford


all rights reserved



Don't Mention It Banstead, UK


Straight out of Surrey.
36 years too late.

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